Club Fitting

Every golfer can benefit from properly fitted equipment, with beginners actually benefiting the most. Clubs that are the wrong length, weight, or flex, encourage a variety of swing flaws that can make it more difficult to achieve a good swing. A proper club fitting can only be done outside by combining careful observation of your ball flight with electronic measurements of club head speed, ball speed, etc.

We are recognized as one of Golf Digest’s Top 100 Club Fitters and by KZG as a World Top 100 Club Fitter. We are a certified fitting account for all the major brands. Contact us for your 30 or 60 minute club fitting. Please call 704-527-1123 to schedule your club fitting appointment today.

Club Fitting Specifics

  • Launch Angle & Spin
  • Club Head Speed & Tempo
  • Ball Speed
  • Power Transfer Ratio
  • Length
  • Loft & Lie Angle
  • Ball Flight - Trajectory, Shape, Distance
  • Type of Shaft & Shaft Flex
  • Grip Size
  • Complete Set Make-Up


Launch Monitor

The ES16 Tour launch monitor and golf simulator combines the accurate ball and club speed measurements of Doppler radar technology with the spin and directional measurements of Photometric technology.

FlightScope X2

3D Tracking Radar

FlightScope X2 is a next generation 3D club and ball tracking radar that allows you to measure swing, club and ball data on our iPad2. Try your next club fitting with the X2, the world’s most accurate and portable launch monitor.


Launch Monitor

The GC2 Smart Camera System precisely captures and analyzes ball flight at the most critical point of measurement, club impact, and delivers the most accurate values of ball velocity, launch angle, azimuth, back spin, side spin and total spin.


Studio Program

The nXfit Studio Network matches expert club fitting with Nippon Golf Shafts, the #1 Premium Steel Shaft. If you are serious about your game, come experience an advanced fitting technology that delivers the ultimate fit for lower golf scores.