Driving Range

Leatherman Golf Learning Center

Charlotte's #1 Stand-Alone Driving Range and Golf Shop

There are many options for hitting balls at our Driving Range. You can purchase one (1) bucket at a time or choose from one of our 8 different discount range card options. The more you buy, the more you will SAVE. Try our Bucket of Beer & Buckets of Balls Daily Combo Specials! Our practice range landing area features eight color-coded target greens measured to exact yardages.

We have 10 elevated hitting stations on the furnished upper sun deck, and 10 private hitting bays on the lower covered patio, which allows you to practice in all weather conditions. The practice facility has 34 automatic, fully-adjustable teeing stations from Power Tee. The automatic teeing system is the fastest way to a better golf swing. In addition to the hitting stations, there is a large natural Bermuda grass hitting area available for use in-season.

Power Tee. Raise your Game.

Range Ball Prices

Individual bucket of range balls.

  • Small Bucket (35 Balls)$6.00
  • Medium Bucket (60 Balls)$9.00
  • Large Bucket (90 Balls)$12.00
  • Jumbo Bucket (125 Balls)$15.00

Discount Range Cards

Spend Some More, Save Lots More!

  • Pay $30Receive $35
  • Pay $60Receive $75
  • Pay $100Receive $125
  • Pay $150Receive $200
  • Pay $225Receive $325
  • Pay $325Receive $500
  • Pay $450Receive $750
  • Pay $750Receive $1500

Beer & Range Balls

Daily combo specials.

  • 4 Domestics/2 Med Buckets$25
  • 6 Domestics/2 Lrg Buckets$33.75
  • 4 Golden Boys/2 Med Buckets$32
  • 6 Golden Boys/2 Lrg Buckets$42.50
  • 4 3C IPAs/2 Med Buckets$36
  • 6 3C IPAs/2 Lrg Buckets$47.50