Junior Clinic Series Overview


Welcome to the 2017 Junior Clinic Series for Ages 6 to 9 and Ages 10 to 13! 

We want to make sure that our Junior Students begin to learn the game of golf in a positive, safe and fun Game-Centered environment. This is a game of a lifetime. Our goal is to give our students a love of the game that will keep them coming back. It's important to give them the tools to enable them to succeed and grow with confidence.  

For our younger students, we will start with Safety. They do have weapons in their little hands, so we want them to be safe above all.  They will learn the Proper grip, Posture and the Basic Swing Fundamentals. We will also cover some important etiquette and basic rules along the way.   

The older group will also learn proper grip, posture and Basic Swing Fundamentals. However, their lessons will be more involved with Putting, Chipping, The Pitch Shot and Full Swing. We will assist them in learning how to read greens, as well as executing some more difficult shots. Rules and etiquette will have a more important role, in order to prepare them for their School Golf Team or Tournament Competition.

We look forward to helping your child Grow and develop a Love for the Game of Golf!

Session Cost:  $125 Per Student

Dates and Times for 1st and 2nd Sessions Ages 6 - 9 will be:  4:30 -5:30 PM

  • 1st Session:  March 13th - April 17th  (Consecutive Mondays)
  • 2nd Session:  May 1st - June 12th  (Consecutive Mondays, 1 day off for Memorial Day)

Dates and Times for 1st and 2nd Sessions Ages 10 - 13 will be:  4:30 to 5:30 PM

  • 1st Session:  March 15th - April 19th (Consecutive Wednesdays)
  • 2nd Session:  May 3rd - June 7th  (Consecutive Wednesdays)

All Sessions will be limited to a minimum of 3 Students, Maximum of 6 Students. In the case of inclement weather, classes will be re-scheduled. For further information and registration, call Leatherman Golf Learning Center at (704) 527-1123.

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