Junior Private Lessons

Junior Private Lessons

Leatherman Golf Learning Center

Junior Private Lessons at Charlotte's #1 Stand-Alone Driving Range

Our veteran teaching staff can get your child off to a good start by learning the fundamentals of golf in a simple, easy to understand format. Many of our male and female junior golfers have had success at the high school level and gone on to earn college scholarships. Leatherman Golf Learning Center will also fit your junior with the proper size equipment. This is a crucial factor as your junior experiences drastic height and strength changes.

We are partnered with the National Junior Golf  Association, headquartered in Gastonia, NC. The National Junior Golf Association is built to offer an opportunity for junior golfers to participate in a competitive, affordable and friendly environment. Our tournaments offer opportunities for junior golfers to build their character, gain recognition from college coaches, and establishes values that are only found in the sport of golf. Visit website.

Whether your junior aspires to play professional golf or just wants to enjoy a great outdoor family activity, learning golf at an early age helps develop many great qualities and life skills. Call 704-527-1123 for more information on Private Lesson Specials or to talk to one of our instructors.


Chris Leatherman

Director of Instruction

  • 30 Minutes$40
  • 1 Hour$70
  • 2 Students (1 Hour)$45 Per Student
  • 3 Students (1 Hour)$35 Per Student

Cleve Coldwater

Senior Instructor

  • 30 Minutes$35
  • 1 Hour$60
  • 2 Students (1 Hour)$40 Per Student
  • 3 Students (1 Hour)$30 Per Student

Frank Petry

Staff Instructor

  • 30 Minutes$30
  • 1 Hour$50
  • 2 Students (1 Hour)$35 Per Student
  • 3 Students (1 Hour)$25 Per Student